Turning Poison Into Medicine

An important letter from a SGI Buddhist member regarding the terrible Virginia Tech incident:

Dear SGI family,

Thank you very much for your support for our members, friends, and community at Virginia Tech. As you know, SGI members and Living Buddhism club members are safe and were not directly affected by yesterday’s events.

I am excited to let you know a representative of Living Buddhism club at Virginia Tech will address the audience at the 2pm convocation, the university’s first chance to gather since this all began. In addition to participation of university and state officials, and President Bush, four campus religious representatives will address the gathering. One of these will be a representative of Living Buddhism club, a pan-Buddhist organization with a strong focus on sharing the values of Buddhist humanism. The messages from the ministers and LB club representative will offer statements of hope and perspective. Living Buddhism club members have been meeting this morning to collaborate on the message.

I would think this event will be covered by all the networks, although likely in an abbreviated format. Complete coverage will be broadcast at the following link:


This is an important first step as we proceed and renew our efforts for kosen-rufu. As Blacksburg District leaders Tetsuro and Francoise Mizutani said, “We have every reason to reinforce our determination to promote peace, education, and culture by awakening the depth of each individual citizen of the world to exterminate human misery of any form.”

Kai Zuehlke
SE Zone YMD SD Leader
Virginia Tech ESM ’05

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